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Earlier this year the ›Flowers Gallery‹ in London presented a large solo show with Michael Wolf´s Back Alley photos, videos and installations, currently the show is on at the ›Centre Photographique‹ in Rouen.» read more With this book a dream came true for Erik Hinz and at the same time he made us a present. For reports, commissioned work, or simply out of curiosity, he has traveled the world with his camera.He doesn't follow a plan, has no concept, he is simply interested in the frequent forms of human behavior in different environments and situations.» mehr Bangkok. Sex tourism, night markets, construction and high-tech boom. When he was in Bangkok in 20 for several months, he stayed in the neighborhoods where traders, craftsmen and workers live, people whose lives are dominated by hard, strenuous work without any prospect of prosperity.In different epochs after World War II, there have been migration shifts from Vietnam to Germany for various reasons.

As a student Michael Wolf has photographed the series in 1976 in the small coal-mining village in the Ruhr-District, Germany and submitted it for the exam to his teacher Otto Steinert at the Folkwangschule in Essen - at that time as a classical social documentation sorted by categories such as ›building types‹, ›working population‹, ›youngsters‹ or ›festivities and associations‹.The trees look healthy with their green crowns in bright sunlight against a pale blue sky. » more Michael Wolf continues his celebration of Hong Kong vernacular culture with ›Small God, Big City‹, drawing attention again to overlooked objects in this visually rich and dense urban environment.» more Today, death has mostly vanished from public perception. Single party gera Most people die in institutions, and in case someone actually still dies at home, the corpse is immediately taken away by morticians in order to prepare the burial.But what happens with a corpse between the moment it is given into the care of professionals and the burial?» more Michael Wolf is worldwide known for his work about ›life in cities‹ and some of the most significant series have already been published in books: ›Tokyo Compression‹, ›Hong Kong Inside Outside‹, ›A Series of Unfortunate Events‹ to mention a few.

Casual dating test bottrop indoor

Now with the distance of more than 35 years the work has been looked through carefully again and put together for the book in a much more free manner.» more This book has been published before as part of the two-book set "Hong Kong Inside Outside“ erschienen, which is completely sold out.Now „Architecture of Density“ comes in a new edition as a stand alone book. With "Tokyo Compression" Michael Wolf struck a nerve.He rambled from Calcutta to Varanasi to Bangalore further in the South and then back to Calcutta again.He saw poverty and wealth, Rolls Royces and rickshaws, splendid temples and the hippies of Goa, overcrowded trains on their way to the mega-metropolis of Mumbai and buses that teeter on rocky slopes as they travel through the dusty hinterland.They all brought a piece of Germany to Vietnam and preserve the long-time relationship to Germany on the most different levels.

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» more With "Tokyo Compression" Michael Wolf struck a nerve.It´s not the rhythm or the melody that drives the piece forward, it´s the sound that fills the room while layers of the same but offset played patterns generate complexity.» more With only few very different and wonderfully sequenced images, photographed in black and white or color, indoors and outdoors, abstract and concrete, grainy and out of focus or cristall clear, Ekaterina Anokhina creates a powerful poem about the painful separation of two lovers and makes the symptoms of one of the worst diseases palpable. The houses are standing clean and intact in the dim evening light directly on the roadside.The enthusiasm and curiosity for the foreign country mingled with a subliminal feeling of fear and threat.» more The minimalistic aesthetics of this book remind me of a sophisticated piece of electronic music.

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